AIM BarleyLife ® and AIM BarleyLife ® Xtra. green juice powder.

Now available in single-serving energyXpress pax.
The convenient resealable bag contains 30 energyXpress pax.

barleylife xpressbarleylife sachets

The individual packs, in 5 and 6 gram servings, are a perfect sales tool for distribution at a trade show,
dropped off with a business card, given to a friend, or handed out at a prospective Member meeting.

AIM BarleyLife® energyXpress pax

barleylife sachetsAIM BarleyLife® Xtra energy Xpress pax THE SWEET ONE!!!

AIM BarleyLife ™ is a whole food, green juice, health product that provides many nutrients our bodies need but simply are not getting.
BarleyLife ™ contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll, protein(amino acids), antioxidants and everything else God put in the barley leaf, yet still unknown to man.

    • Children love AIM BarleyLife ® Xtra
    • Adults with a more sensitive palate choose AIM BarleyLife ® Xtra
    • Natural flavoring includes the powders of 15 fruits and vegetables and the natural sweetener, Lo Han
    • No artificial or synthetic sugar, coloring or preservatives
    • Each 6 g serving of AIM BarleyLife ® Xtra contains 5 g AIM BarleyLife ®.
    • Great source of vitamin C-a 6 g serving contains 34% of the Recommended Daily Intake.

30-count resealable bag

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